Why Doctoz
We want to make healthcare more accessible and convenient for patients and clinicians alike. Patients being able to book an appointment online, or through our app, and be seen by an online doctor whenever they feel comfortable, whenever suits them – fundamentally changing our relationship with healthcare. We want to go even further, though. Why Book with Doctoz? Reassurance of High-Quality Services: our reputation is key to everything we do Top-quality doctors with a wide variety of different specialties. Our clinicians are recognised for their sound medical practice You may request a consultation with a doctor of your choice Access to clinical support staff to visit Nationwide Access to home visits and home testing Medically led laboratories with a reputation for excellence and accredited services Holistic, Integrative Approach Rapid, Same Day Access Why Book an Online or phone Consultation? Our doctors are highly experienced professionals in their specialities and if you can’t travel then this shouldn’t affect your ability to have an assessment. Our online consultations can assist our doctors to assess what your diagnosis is and help outline the next steps in your treatment. Other benefits of booking an online consultation include: Preventing the transmission of COVID-19 Allowing clinicians to speak to patients who are unable to travel Enabling patients to seek opinions from clinicians who are located away from their home Our wide network of healthcare professionals can visit you in your own home to complete any additional tests that may be requested by your treating doctor, such as: Blood tests Heart monitoring Urine tests Blood pressure monitoring Stool tests Gut Analysis Breath Analysis Smear and HPV tests Genetic Analysis Swabs Many tests are also available for self-sampling and we can arrange these be delivered to you. What is Involved in an Online or Phone Consultation? Our doctors carry out an in-depth online consultations via the most suitable and secure method. Once the consultation is complete, your doctor can advise the next steps required to further address your health concerns. We may arrange for a support assistant to visit you at home to undertake further assessments or collect blood tests for example. We can also send kits for self-testing to your home, these are then dropped to our designated and accredited laboratory. Prescriptions can be issued, medication delivered to your home and referral letters provided. You will then be offered a follow-up consultation if applicable to discuss the outcome of your investigations, or you can receive a written report. You may be recommended to attend a physical consultation at one of our centers or we shall advise you what the best course of action is.
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