Who We are
Doctoz work in partnership with Local Medical practices across African Countries to provide the platform and technology to allow safe and secure consultations with Certified and Registered Doctors, Nurses, Midwives in communities across African Countries.. Our partnership approach empowers patients and clinicians to leverage the benefits of our digital solution and our technology fully integrates with Medical clinical systems to ensure a continuity of patient safety and care.

How Doctoz work?

Patients register online,and can search for medical experts in their local communities. From there, appointments are booked directly through the Doctoz app. We connect your patient with a doctor digitally via video or Home service, Video consultations are just like face-to-face consultations. All Our Medical Experts are well trained General Practitioners who will still discuss patients' symptoms, they can still look at affected areas with the device's camera via a video call, listen out for telltale signs using the microphone, and provide prescriptions, referral letters and fit notes when necessary and during Face-Face home visits medical experts will attend home visits in full PPE’S to patient visits.

Our service is regulated by the Medical Association of all Participating African countries, All Medical Experts working on the Doctoz Platform all have to prove they are certified for practice by the Local Medical Association in Countries we operate. Every one of our Medical is registered with the General Medical Council, so you can never be in doubt that you are receiving the best possible care.

Our mission

We want to make healthcare more accessible and convenient for patients and clinicians alike. Patients being able to book an appointment online, or through our app, and be seen by an online doctor whenever they feel comfortable, whenever suits them – fundamentally changing our relationship with healthcare. We want to go even further, though. We have created Digital Platforms to render different Health care Services Making health care easily accessible to Mothers through Maternity period, children, and all seeking urgent medical care. A mission and vision to get patients to the right care, quicker than before, reducing waiting times, improving recovery periods and getting Medical Support for Patients that can't afford Medical care through our platform http://app.doctoz.org/ , giving them an opportunity to be seen by our registered community Doctors, Nurses, Midwives to meet with patients that need it.

Digital HealthCare is the future of healthcare in African Countries, and it's available right now.

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