Our Vision & Mission
Our mission We want to make healthcare more accessible and convenient for patients and clinicians alike. Patients being able to book an appointment online, or through our app, and be seen by an online doctor whenever they feel comfortable, whenever suits them – fundamentally changing our relationship with healthcare. We want to go even further, though. We are a company united and energised around a mission and vision to get patients to the right care, quicker than before, reducing waiting times, improving recovery periods and cutting Hospital's triaging workload, giving them more time to spend with patients that need it. Because of Our drive for excellent healthcare service, Our healthcare providers are properly vetted to ascertain for their expertise, experience, and commitment to providing excellent clinical care. At Doctoz we understand the importance of patient-centred and personalised care, and we will ensure that you see the healthcare provider you want to see, at a time convenient to you. In order to provide the high quality care we pride ourselves in at Doctoz, we ensure that our doctors stay at the forefront of the latest medical developments through our comprehensive internal training and updates programme which some of them are sponsored by Doctoz Update Scheme. Should further specialist input be required, our Healthcare Providers will be happy to refer you to one of our inhouse specialists, or externally to our network of highly reputable specialists to which we have direct access. Whatever your needs are, our medical partners at Doctoz will provide you with high quality care. This is the future of healthcare, and it's available right now
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