Medical Experts Criteria
Doctoz-registered doctors, supported by medical and pharmacy officers along with a data protection and information governance team. The Future of Healthcare in Africa is Doctoz Digital Platform, we have medical experts that can treat almost everything over a video consultation consulting or face to face visitation. Every registered medical practitioner or dental surgeon is required to provide the appropriate practicing permissions or license to be able to be a member of the Doctoz Platform. This license is required to obtain from the local Medical Council of Practicing Country, this will be filled out properly the application form for and proof of documents might be required by Doctoz. The details of this requirement are contained in the Joining Forms for Medical Professional in Medical and Dental Practitioners in Africa. A licensed practitioner is by that fact a full fledged member of the Medical Association of Practicing Country and is expected to be actively practicing in the activities of that Association in the best interest of the profession. If Doctoz team for any reason is not satisfied with the documents provided by Medical Experts, Doctoz has the right to terminate and block such accounts from the Platform. For member plan benefits please send email to and a member of our team will respond with necessary info.
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